fuelSCAN Analyzer

  • Fully automated jet fuel testing system
  • Can be retrofitted to any system where fuel tanks are present

Imenco has developed a fully automated jet fuel testing system. The fuelSCAN Analyzer is capable of performing daily, weekly and monthly tests in accordance with international regulations for testing and sampling jet fuel.

The system automatically performs daily sump tests on both storage tanks (transportable or static) and filter vessels in accordance with international regulations for sampling and testing jet fuel, without the need for human interaction, resulting in more accurate results, less interaction with the fuel and no wasted fuel.

The fuelSCAN Analyzer is capable of reporting via WiFi, 5G or Network cabling, to the end users quality management system. It also stores the reports inside its internal memory in case of a networking error.
Not only does it have testing and sampling capabilities, it’s also designed to polish the fuel, ensuring the highest fuel quality throughout it’s storage lifetime before it enters the aircraft.

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  • Local HMI Screen
  • Positive Displacement Pump
  • AFGUARD Water sensor qualified to EI 1598
  • Particle and clear & bright Analyser
  • Flow Meter
  • Filter Water Separator qualified to EI 1581
  • Suitable for Hazardous Area Installations
  • Equipment is manufactured in a material quality designed for harsh environments
  • Automated Reporting System (Wifi, 5G or Network Cable)


  • In compliance with international jet fuel standards
  • Drop In Solution to any existing fuel system
  • No Human Interaction Required
  • No Fuel Waste
  • Provides calibrated results for amount of free water, particulate content and ‘clear and bright’ testing
  • Reduces the risk of human errors, or incorrect interpretation of the sampling results obtained before/ after refuelling
  • Designed to be connected to the sump of the storage tanks and filter vessels.
  • Local HMI Screen allows for local monitoring of the fuel samples if required


Ross Edmonds

Aviation Sales Manager


Jan Erik Hustvedt

Aftermarket Manager Aviation

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