Renewable Energy

We support the renewables sector with our long experience in developing offshore solutions.

Corrosion protection for offshore windfarms, substation fuel systems, offshore wind CCTV visual surveillance systems and hydraulic cylinders for water power plants are among the products that we deliver to the renewable sector.

Our capacity and experience make us able to deliver large projects to the global market.


Subsea Cathodic Protection


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Subsea Corrosion Protection

Imenco Corrosion Technology provide solutions, services and products for corrosion monitoring and corrosion protection. Our company's roots are in subsea engineering. Our core competences and products were initially ROV installable solutions for retrofit installation of cathodic protection. From these roots we have developed…

CCTV Visual Surveillance Systems


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Visual Surveillance Solutions

Imenco leads the industry in the supply of harsh environment CCTV systems with 40 years design & integration experience. We undertake all aspects of system engineering from system integration to design of cameras for bespoke applications. Our capabilities include system…



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Aviation Fuelling Systems

Substation Fuel Systems - Fuel Filtration

Malm Orstad


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Imenco Group - Malm Orstad

Water, waves and wind With over 70 years of experience within hydraulic-mechanical systems, we are able to offer good, safe and innovative solutions to the high demands of the water, wave and wind power industry. We work closely with the…


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