Cathodic Protection of Monopiles

Imenco’s solution to attach Anode Cages to monopiles has been used for more than 600 foundations.

Piranha connection to monopile

Imenco’s Piranha earthing clamp has been used to connect anode cages to monopiles on more than 600 foundations in UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Taiwan and USA.  The method is fast, mechanically robust and  an excellent electrical connection.

For installation description, see product data sheet under additional information.

The Monopiles are normally installed in relatively shallow waters, and can be exposed to heavy marine growth in combination with strong tidal currents and wave action. The resulting static and dynamic loads can lead to fractures in the cable or cable lugs, To prevent this, Imenco have developed a combined cable protector / bend restrictor to be installed in both ends of the cable. This locks the cable lugs in its position and prevent all fatigue loads to this, and the polyurethane bend restrictor prevents damaging bends to the cable.

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