Advanced Machining

We provide machining services where the focus is precision, delivery capability at competitive prices and close follow-up to customer.

Decades of deliveries of Advanced Machining services have provided us with in-depth expertise and experience in all types of machining that enable us to offer machining of market-leading quality and workmanship.


We perform world-class machining with extreme precision. Our expertise surpasses most when it comes to achieving great accuracy and very fine tolerances.

We provide Advanced Machining services where the focus is precision, delivery capability at competitive prices and close follow-up to customer.

With our long-standing expertise in machining, our customers are given full support and security in the production process, as well as utilizing the best methods to ensure maximum returns.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our machines or what we can supply. We have engineers, technical engineers, mechanics and project managers who can help with everything from small assignments to larger and more complex solutions.

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Our machines:

Machine Designation: Machine Type: Max. Working Diameter: Max. Working Length:
Weiler E50 Lathe 315 2000
Mazak QTS 200 M Lathe (w/rot. tools) 157 550
Mazak Nexus 250-II MY Lathe (w/rot. tools) 210 600
Mazak QTS 350M Lathe (w/rot. tools) 320 1250
Mazak Nexus 350-II MY Lathe (w/rot. tools) 420 1400
Okuma Genos L300-EM Lathe (w/rot. tools) 300 1060
Okuma LU15 Lathe (w/rot. tools) 340 600
Mazak IG-200-III Mill-turn 215 1045
Mazak IG-200-IV Mill-turn 215 1045
Mazak IG-400Y Mill-turn 400 1500
Mazak IG-I-400 Mill-turn 400 1500
Okuma Macturn 50 Mill-turn 580 1500
Okuma Multus U4000 Mill-turn 650 2000
Mazak IG-500H II Mill-turn 550 3122
Mazak IG-500H II-LB Mill-turn 550 3122
Mazak IG-650H II-LB Mill-turn 925 4000
Mazak IG-670H II-LB-U Mill-turn 980 6000


Machine Designation: Machine Type: X-axis: Y-axsis: Z-axis:
Mazak VTC-200C-II Vertical mill 1660 510 510
Mazak VCS-530C Vertical mill 1300 550 570
Mazak MTV-815/80 Vertical mill 2240 810 740
Mazak VTC-800/30SR Vertical mill 3000 800 720
Okuma MA-400HA Horizontal mill 560 610 625
Mazak Nexus 5000-II Horizontal mill 730 730 740
Ixion TLF1004 Gun drilling (Ø3-32) 2000 800 1100
Zeizz Accura 12/24-10 Coordinate measuring (CMM) 1200 2400 1000
Zeizz Accura 20/42-15 Coordinate measuring (CMM) 2000 4200 1500
ONA AV35 Wire eroding 600 400 400
Sunnen HTC6000 Honing (Ø25-800, length 6000) N/A N/A N/A



Idar Vassbø

Sales Manager Hydraulics & Machining

Gunnar Nernes Department Manager Machining Grinde

Gunnar Nernes

Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)

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