Press Release : Imenco will deliver Pile-gripper- & Jacket-landing solution to 62 jackets on the Le TrePort offshore wind farm in France.

Imenco is pleased to announce, that we will be delivering our unique Pile-gripper- & Jacket-landing solution to the 62 jackets to be installed on the Le TrePort offshore windfarm in France.

Imenco has signed a contract for this with DEME Offshore – including engineering, fabrication, and delivery during 2023-2025.  DEME is T&I Contractor for Le TrePort.

Johan Tønsberg, CEO for Imenco Corrosion Technologies, expresses Imenco-excitement:

We are very proud and excited about this contract-award. It confirms the uniqueness of our solution and capabilities. We are delighted to work with DEME and to help Le TrePort with our solution and all the benefits it brings to them. And we are looking forward to also help and deliver to other offshore windfarms and customers that can benefit from our unique solutions.

And Johan continues:

Our Pile-gripper- & Jacket-landing solution enables increased quality, integrity, and cost-savings during jacket-installation. Specifically, it enables dampened & levelled landing of the jackets, as well as reduced heavy-lift vessel-time, optimized vessel options, and reduced ROV-operations during installation. And furthermore, it provides electrical connect, for corrosion protection.”

Pile gripper solution close up

Rune Bringedal, CEO for Imenco AS, adds to the Imenco-excitement:

This contract-award is a good example of Imenco working together across disciplines and departments – to the benefit of our customer. DEME has always been a good and trusted customer for us, over many years.  And we now look forward to yet another important and exciting delivery to them, here on Le TrePort.”

Geir Egil Østebøvik, Chairman of the Board in Imenco:

It is always exciting and motivational for us when our customers appreciate and order our solutions. This contract-award is special for us in several ways. The unique solution itself, we have invented and invested heavily in over many years. We are encouraged about how it will help DEME and Le TrePort, as well as its potential for many of the bottom-fixed windfarms that are now being designed & planned around the world for installation over the years to come.”

For questions and more information about this press release, please contact Johan Tønsberg, CEO, Imenco Corrosion Technologies,

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