Cathodic Protection Services - Design and Assessment

Imenco provides design and assessment of cathodic protection systems.

Imenco provides Cathodic Protection Services – Design and Assessment. By providing design and simulation capability, we enable engineers to design, assess and optimize cathodic protection systems.

This service is not only suited for new builds, but also for midlife retrofit and through to decommissioning. Imenco’s Cathodic Protection Systems and mechanical engineering, will assure the continuous protection of your assets at the lowest possible cost.

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  • Performance assessments of installed CP systems
  • ITA and optimization of CP system configurations
  • Concept design of ICCP and sacrificial systems
  • Cost-benefit assessments of various cathodic protection solutions
  •  Assessment of human factors on operating procedures and practices of cathodic protection systems



Ajmal Moruwat

Vice President – Sales & Market

Kristian Varne Project Manager

Kristian Varne

Project Manager Imenco Corrosion Technology

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