Imenco establishes new office in UK

In line with increasing activity in the international market for the company’s services and technology, Imenco has now established its own office in the London area. The establishment of the new office is initially intended for the company’s local Aviation department, but also aims to expand into other areas of the company’s operations.


The new office of Imenco is part of Vision Offices, Saxon House in 27 Duke Street, Chelmsford

The new office is a consequence of ambitions for continued growth of Imenco’s business in the United Kingdom and thus marks an important expansion both for Imenco Aviation and the group’s other operations.

Ross Edmonds, Sales Manager for Imenco Aviation, is in charge of the new office and is currently working on local hiring.

The office is located in Chelmsford, which is a short 30-minute journey from central London, and has good connections for both commuter and travel operations.

Chelmsford is also known as the birthplace of radio technology, where Guglielmo Marconi opened the world’s first factory for wireless radio communication in 1899.

-The establishment of this office is part of Imenco’s strategy to strengthen our presence in strategically important areas and to offer even better service and support to our customers, explains Rune Bringedal, CEO of IMENCO.


Contact info for IMENCO UK Ltd:

Vision Offices, Saxon House
27 Duke Street
Chelmsford, Essex

Telephone Number: +44(0)1245 200 497