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For the first time, live subsea video can be digitally transmitted via Ethernet using the SubVIS Orca IP HD 30x Zoom Subsea SmartCamera without significant latency. The SubVIS platform is based on embedding a computer into the camera, making it ready for advanced image enhancement and Computer Vision. We have effectively made a dedicated computer especially designed for low latency video processing, based on Smart Phone technology. Full digital video transmission opens up an array of applications in the control room.

Similar to Smart Phone technology, an important part of Imenco’s philosophy is to ensure an open architecture to allow third parties to fully integrate these cameras into their control systems and to write software applications to increase the popularity and usefulness of the platform. This will allow you the freedom to tailor the package to suit your own specific demands, as well as integrating own video analysis function algorithms, image enhancement etc. on top of the core software.

The system opens up for the use of image Metadata, which represents great advantages. One of the most innovative and exciting features that will be developed on this system, is that subsea devices can be made to automatically communicate with each other. This allows for example the camera to tell the lights to reduce its intensity and deliver optimum level of light.

The first camera based on the SubVIS technology is called Orca. This is the Latin name of the Killer Whale – one of the most intelligent creatures in the ocean. This symbolises the change from the analogue and HD-SDI cameras used in the market today. The camera is designed as a ROV main camera and has been equipped with an excellent water correction lens system for high image quality.

Imenco will continue to develop new camera models and software applications in the SubVIS range.

The video below is recorded by the the Imenco SubVIS system, using Orca cameras. The test were done offshore in The North Sea, west of the Norwegian coast.

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