OE14-212 / 213 Colour Zoom, Rotate and Tilt (ZRAT) Camera

OE14-212 213 Colour Zoom, Rotate and Tilt (ZRAT) Camera

The OE14-212 (PAL) and OE14-213 (NTSC) underwater CCD colour cameras provide rotate, tilt and zoom functionality within a compact and completely enclosed package.

The OE14-212/3 ZRAT camera housing is constructed from a robust, marine grade titanium alloy material and has a 4500 metre (14,674 feet) depth rating. The OE14-212 and OE14-213 ZRAT cameras have been fully qualified to withstand extremes of temperature, shock, vibration and stringent EMC standards making them suitable for use in the most extreme of marine environments.

The ZRAT camera is equipped with a 10x optical zoom feature and motorised head movement of both the horizontal and vertical axes. These functions can be operated using conventional analogue voltage (tri-state) control, or through a digital link (RS232 or RS485). The ZRAT camera is ideally suited to both situational awareness and inspection applications.

The camera is supplied with a graphic user interface, I.R remote control, spares kit and a shock-resistant carrying case.

A 2,000 msw depth rated housing is available for shallow water applications and short term submergence tasks.

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