Hammerhead II Pro Shark - High End Zoom Camera

  • High End Zoom Camera
  • 4000 msw


Imenco’s Hammerhead II Pro Shark – High End Zoom Camera – High Quality Main ROV Camera with specially designed Lens System for premium optical quality. Improved version with latest Camera Module and improved Video Processing unit for state-of-the-art SD video quality.

This Hammerhead II Pro shares the same 4000m titanium housing & Ivanoff-Rebikoff Water Corrected Lens System as the SubVIS Orca IP HD 30x Zoom SmartCamera and the Spinner II Shark HD-SDi 30x Zoom Camera.

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Main dimensions (ex conn.) Ø 140 / 117 x 226 mm
Video Resolution / Format Composite SD – 16:9 aspect ratio
Optical Zoom 30x
Angle of view – wide (in water) 71° diagonally / 64° – horizontal
Lens system Rebikoff–Ivanoff, Fused Silica
Control format RS232 / Bi-Polar / Tri-state
Housing Titanium
Depth rating 4,000 msw
Standard connector 5506 – 1508
Power requirements 24VDC (12 – 36v / 5w)
Mass in air 5,0 kg
Mass in water 2,5 kg




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