Series HMK

  • Rugged, proven and reliable design
  • Very small external diameter on torque ratio
  • High mechanical and volumetric efficiency
  • Very high starting efficiency
  • Capacity from 20.4 to 32.6 litres/rev

The Bauer HMK range of high torque low speed hydraulic radial piston motors consists of one frame size with motors extending from HMK14-20.4 to the HMJ18-32.6. Displacement volumes range from 20.4 to 32.6 litre. The HMK motor is a duplex version of the HMH motor. Still due to it’s two bank shaft design, it has the advantage of hydrostatically balanced frame bearings.

The HMK motors are available with two speeds, alternatively one speed and free wheeling.

With the new patented speed regulation system , the change in speed can be done while the motor is loaded and running. The unique construction of the speed regulation system ensures a quick and smooth speed transition, whilst safeguarding against pressure shock and preventing the motor from running over-speed.

The piston connection rods are equipped with robust retainer rings causing mechanical return of the pistons in case of cavitation, and when the motor is working as a pump. This feature, together with a low leakage rate makes the motors suitable for load control equipment (e.g. winches) without mechanical brakes.

Due to the rugged design with large diameter shaft and heavy parallel roller bearings, the motors are particularly suited for direct drive on winch applications. The parallel heavy roller bearing on the shaft is often used as a supporting bearing for the winch shaft.

Compared to winches comprising several smaller motors working in a gear box, a winch furnished with a directed operated HMK has many advantageous: Higher starting torque, less maintenance, less noise and last but not least, fewer parts give higher reliablility.

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The features for the HMH series:

  • Rugged, proven and reliable design.
  • Very small external diameter on torque ratio.
  • High mechanical and volumetric efficiency.
  • Very high starting efficiency.
  • Capacity from 20.4 to 32.6 litres/rev.
  • Maximum working pressure up to 315 bar.
  • Relative high allowable casing pressure, 10 bar.
  • High free wheeling speeds, up to 200 rpm.
  • Available with two speeds.
  • Out put torque up to 138.000 Nm.



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