NS Collector – Sea lice collector

Removes sea lice from the fish farming cage

Once installed in a cage, the NS Collector actively combats salmon lice. Around the clock.
The sea lice collector installs quickly, either inside or outside the cage. Once in place, it continuously salmon lice at every stage of the louse’s life cycle – from larvae to mature lice. During crowding and delousing, it collects any lice that detach from the fish, thus preventing the louse from finding a new host.

This is NS Collector:
The NS Collector consists primarily of a pump, which filters large quantities of seawater through a specialized filter.

NS Collector is a complete system, consisting of an underwater unit, a cable, a cage anchor and a control cabinet with integrated communication. You can easily install the louse collector yourself. There is no need for any specialized tools and equipment beyond what is commonly available on a service vessel.

Prevention and active removal
When the NS Collector is used daily, the louse is caught before it has the chance to attach to the fish, thus reducing the louse concentration. The filter’s ability to trap anything from louse larvae to mature lice has been thoroughly documented by Møreforskning. In addition, the filter collects algae and other debris contributing to poor water quality.

This continuous collection helps keep the concentration of lice down, thus also reducing the need for delousing procedures.

Prevents transfer of lice during delousing procedures
During fish crowding, it has been established that up to 40–60 % of the lice fall off. Detached lice often find their way to new hosts.

By placing the NS Collector between the curtain and the delousing vessel, inside the area the fish is pumped into, it collects the lice that detach from the fish—destroying them. This reduces the degree of re-infection, while simultaneously reducing the general infection rate, both in the facility where the system is used, and in nearby facilities.

Improves water quality
NS Collector filters seawater and improves water quality. This promotes good gill health and is very useful in situations where gill health is already compromised. The system also increases water circulation. In locations where water replacement is limited due to louse skirts, algae removal and increased circulation are beneficial for both fish health in general and for gill health in particular.

Easy to use
NS Collector is easy to use. The only thing you have to do is replace the filter once it’s full. The filter fabric can be replaced quickly and easily with the help of the crane on board the service vessel. After the filter has been replaced, the filter fabric is emptied and cleaned—ready to be used again. The system comes with 2 filter fabrics, so you can always keep a clean one ready to go.

The system provides real-time information on the filter’s condition, and you will receive a notification when the filter is filling up. All authorized users can see the data. How long it takes for the filter to fill up depends on use, time of year and location. With daily use, the filter fabric normally needs to be replaced around once a week. When used in connection with a delousing process, the filter has sufficient capacity to remain active throughout the entire operation.

Assessing new areas of application
When assessing potential new areas of application, the NS Collector can also be used in combination with AquaLog. This set-up measures hydrographic qualities (salinity, temperature, oxygen levels, currents, etc.), while also collecting samples of lice in all stages of life, algae and other particles.

Developed to solve the challenges of the aquaculture industry
NS Collector was developed in collaboration with fish farmers, fish health experts, technical personnel and research communities to improve fish health, working environments and the industry’s profitability. Throughout the development process, the independent research institute Møreforsking Ålesund has provided analyses of the samples collected, and they can document that NS Collector collects lice in all stages of life, as well as algae.

Technical information:
Diameter – 60 cm
Height – 120 cm ex. filter
Weight – Approx. 250 kg
Power consumption – 5,5 kw – 400 V
Water flow – 2500 m3 per hour
Additional equipment – Power converter – 230/400 – 10 kva – 14,4 Amp

More details

  • Salmon lice at all life stages are collected continuously, around the clock
  • Installs quickly, either inside or outside the cage
  • Lice that detach during crowding and treatment are caught and collected
  • The device also collects algae and other particles, e.g. debris from net cleaning
  • Ensures increased circulation inside the cage
  • Filters seawater, which promotes good gill health
  • Easy to install and use
  • Robust and reliable
  • Predictable in terms of operating costs

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