Naval Submarine CCTV Systems

  • Ultra Low Light
  • Rugged
  • In-service navy proven

Imenco Marine & Naval Project Group develops and manufactures high performance fleet fit, low-light level Naval Submarine CCTV Systems for navigation and tactical purposes such as:

  • Winch, Tether, Towed Array and Anchor Handling Monitoring
  • Navigation Assistance and Visual Confirmation
  • Diver Deployment and Dry Deck Shelter (DDS) Monitoring
  • Periscope Systems
  • Special Operations

Imenco Marine & Naval Project Group submarine camera systems are designed, tested and qualified to stringent MIL-SPEC Standards. Additional testing, qualification and re-design can be carried out on request. Imenco naval submarine CCTV systems are proven, in-service solutions already adopted by many navies worldwide.

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  • Low Light monochrome and colour subsea cameras
  • Ultra Low Light monochrome subsea cameras
  • LED subsea lighting options, with tailored wavelengths
  • In-service navy proven
  • In-board viewing, control and recording solutions for HMI
  • Rugged solid state digital recording
  • Export of digital video / IP video streaming
  • Systems to meet stringent shock and EMI requirements
  • Bespoke system solutions and integration


  • Low Light observation for tactical and navigation purposes
  • Towed Array Handling System (TAHS) monitoring
  • Special forces diver deployment surveillance
  • Under ice observations
  • Special operations surveillancs



Lars Sande

Marine & Naval CCTV Sales Manager

Shannon Giagnorio Director of Business Development - Americas

Shannon Giagnorio

Director of Business Development - Americas

Paul Chenevert Li Photo

Paul Chenevert

Technical Manager - Americas


Kristian Mayon

Vice President - Americas


Stuart Cheyne

Sales Support Engineer Marine & Naval Projects Group

David Flemming-004

David Fleming

Marine & Naval Projects Group Manager - Camera Systems Imenco UK Ltd


Paul Scott

Camera Sales Manager – Marine and Naval Projects

Mark Esslemont Global Sales Manager Imenco UK Ltd Office: 01224 226521 / Mobile: 07500 026134

Mark Esslemont

Global Sales Manager Imenco UK Ltd

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