Digital Helicopter Operations Surveillance System

DHOSS (Digital Helicopter Operations Surveillance System) – the cutting-edge successor and replacement for the renowned, in-service Navy proven HOSS system

Building on the exceptional reputation of its predecessor, DHOSS sets a new standard in helicopter operations visual monitoring, offering real-time critical surveillance, and true 24/7 capabilities for naval surface ship flight decks, waterline security and other topside critical monitoring.

At the core of the Imenco 0550-6000 DHOSS system is the state-of-the-art Dual Sensor Naval PTZ Camera, which enhances the legacy of ultra-low light zoom visible sensor performance established by the previous HOSS system with an additional high resolution thermal sensor payload. The highly advanced Pan & Tilt unit includes integrated BLDC Servo Drives to deliver ultra smooth, agile, and silent positional accuracy.

The system further incorporates an innovative quick connect mechanism for easy camera payload repairs/upgrades, minimizing any downtime. With extensive validation to US Navy MIL SPECs, the DHOSS Dual Sensor Naval PTZ Camera ensures unmatched performance and reliability in the most challenging maritime conditions.

The DHOSS surveillance system seamlessly links its components, including the dual sensor PTZ camera with advanced visible and thermal sensors, the junction box for streamlined data convergence, and the Master Server Hub for real-time data processing, distribution, and storage.

The VMS Client offers an intuitive user interface to monitor and manage the system, while the PTZ controller keyboard allows precise control of the camera and its functions. The complete system is also Cyber Approved and NDAA Compliant.

Together, this integrated network provides efficient and comprehensive security monitoring for critical environments.

The Imenco DHOSS ease of flexibility allows various standard configurations, catering to the specific requirements of different classes of naval ships.

For comprehensive technical specifications, please refer to the Product Datasheet and System Block Diagram.

Imenco DHOSS – Setting new benchmarks in naval visual surveillance technology.


DHOSS Diagram edit 1

More details

DHOSS is also available as a complete system, Imenco part 0550-
6000, with advanced MIL-SPEC Recording, Display & Control
options, featuring low latency VMS to enable real-time


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