Imenco is the exclusive distributor of Faudi Aviation Filtration and Sensor products in Norway.

The Faudi AFGUARD is a measurement system, which supervises the quality of Jet Fuels.
The AFGUARD is recommended for insitu measurement of particulate matter in Jet Fuel like free water. The Faudi AFGUARD is a scattered light sensor and is designed to provide inline control solution for a variety of processes.

Functionality: A precisely defined; constant light beam penetrates the process medium. Scattered light from particles (undissolved) liquids like free water or gas bubbles) in the medium is detected by photo diodes. It is also possible to determine a water slug in Jet fuel.

The AFGAURD can be used to detect the functionality of filter water separators or to measure the water absorbing performance of filter monitors. This can be done by measuring the level of free water detected by AFGUARD Sensors, placed at the vessel inlet and outlet. Free water will be detected and with AFGUARD in place the monitors are under constant surveillance to insure their proper function.

The Faudi Aviation AFGUARD is complying with EI 1598, and accepted by IFQP (IATA Fuel Quality Pool)

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