Guidepost Extension - Anchor Releasable Model GPEAR-8-M4

The GPEAR is based on the proven Imenco Guidepost Extensions model GPE-M4L.

The Imenco Guidepost Extensions are used for installation on top of a guidepost for increasing the guiding length. The extensions have a receptacle on top for mounting of a guidewire anchor or a lifting anchor and will normally be deployed and retrieved using the guideline. The lower end of the GPEAR has an integrated lock down anchor and an internally profiled skirt section that mates the corresponding post top, thus providing a strong connection that can take tension and side loads. The extension will self-align to the post when entering and the anchor will automatically engage the guidepost top when fully landed.

The Guidepost Extension – Anchor Releasable Model GPEAR-8-M4 is based on the proven Imenco Guidepost Extensions model GPE-M4L. The GPEAR model is specially developed for installation on posts where the ROV will have no, or very limited, side access to the top release sleeve as used on other GPE models. Compared with other Imenco GPE models, the GPEAR thus has no external ROV release sleeve but has instead an internal release sleeve. This is operated from top by using an extended anchor for release and retrieval, similar to the release operation of the Imenco Anchor Releasable Guidepost GPAR. The lock down anchor has a shear pin function providing a secondary release feature. This shear pin is normally to have a higher capacity before break than the corresponding shear pin used in the Guidewire Anchor.

The body of the Guidepost Extension – Anchor Releasable Model GPEAR-8-M4 is made from carbon steel, sandblasted and painted to meet offshore standards. The anchor parts, with locking and release mechanism are made from high strength stainless steel.

The delivery includes full documentation package with CoC, manufacturing record book, test reports, user manual and maintenance instructions. For more details see GPEAR Datasheet. Special customized designs are available on request

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