GP Centralizer GWA 22′

The GP Centralizer adapter acts as a centralizer extending the guiding length for most types of guideposts. Compatible to guideposts with top receptacle for most common types of guidewire anchors.

The GP Centralizer interfaces with Imenco Anchors, both slimline and standard.

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  • Reliable design with simple functions.
  • Integrated Imenco Guidewire Anchor (GWA-22’-SS) and incorporated upper receptacle.
  • Structural anchoring parts from high-strength stainless steel provide high side load capacity.
  • Built-in compliance feature to reduce load peaks from impacts acting sideways. Earlier lead-in and pre-guiding before guidepost entry.
  • The lower anchor must have a Release sleeve/Safety sleeve. ROV and Shear-pin release possibilities with low release force.
  • Can be stabbed by its own weight assisted by ROV. Re-stabbing of non-fractured shear-pin.
  • No fragments of pin or parts are left subsea


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