Towards the end for monitor filter elements in Norway

We have and are in the process of installing systems that measure water content in aviation fuel on many Norwegian airports. Filters that were previously used to remove water during fueling operations soon run out of production due to safety-critical incidents using this type of monitor element. The events have led to major changes in international regulations related to the filling of aircraft and helicopters. The changes are accompanied by a list of measures, and we are pleased that the initial measures are now being implemented. This gives us a realistic hope that no aircraft will be fueled with the use of monitor elements from Norwegian airports after 31.12.2020.

Following the publication of the Energy Institute Filtration Bulletin EI17 / 074, in November 2017, there has been a tremendous focus on the development and testing of new products related to the phasing out of monitor elements (qualified for EI 1583). The publication highlighted the need for alternative methods for monitoring the quality of aircraft fuel in filling operations due to the danger of SAP migration. SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) is the substance that absorbs water in a monitor filter element and is confirmed to have caused several serious engine control problems over the last 10 years.

As a Norwegian distributor for Faudi Aviation GmbH, we are proud to offer the most innovative solution for phasing out monitor elements. This means that an EI 1598 AFGUARD water sensor and associated control system will initially be installed. The sensor and system have been carefully tested and are currently the only qualified water sensor system for use in the fuelling of aviation fuel.

If you have any questions regarding the phasing out of monitor elements and the implementation of the AFGUARD water sensor, please contact us HERE

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