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The Imenco 0494-6000 Remote Pipeline Repair System (RPRS) monochrome welding camera is a rugged compact video CCTV camera that has been specifically designed to provide close-up, real-time images of the arc welding process.

The camera is capable of operating in a hyperbaric welding gas environment (Argon). Although the camera should not come into contact with seawater at any time during it’s deployment, it is able to withstand the hyperbairc pressure associated with operating at depths to 1,500 msw.

The camera uses a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) monochrome image sensor capable of accomodating the very high intra-scene contrast ratios encountered in welding applications.

The Imenco 0494-6000 welding camera has a fixed field of view and motorised focus adjustment to accomodate different working distances. A motorised cross-polarising filter allows the amount of light reaching the sensor to be remotely adjusted.

Project based camera, may be subject to MOQ.

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  • Proven for Remote Pipeline Repair System (RPRS)
  • Operates in a hyperbaric welding gas environment
  • Remote motorised focus & cross-polarising filter
  • Wide Dynamic Range monochrome sensor


  • Remote Pipeline Repair System
  • Welding Applications
  • Hyperbaric Welding Monitoring


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