Rail Overhead Line Equipment Inspection System

The Imenco 0480-6001 wireless Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) pole-mounted inspection camera system features a high-resolution 8 Megapixel stills/video colour sensor with close-up lens for accurate measurement and analysis, and a long 100m range wireless RF transmission link to the base station. The camera head features a unique remotely-controllable motorised tilt, digital zoom and scaling/steady arms to ensure effective imaging regardless of the conditions. Image stabilisation and auto-focus are included as standard, to provide the maximum detail with minimal adjustment, increasing survey efficiency.

The Imenco 0480-6001 camera head has been designed and qualified to operate safely and seamlessly with live high voltage wires (29kV AC as standard, or higher if required) and connects to a client supplied fibre glass “hot stick” pole. Each camera is also supplied with a robust adjustable output LED lighting unit.

The rugged base station is a PC based control and display unit, with user friendly camera control interface and an accurate measurement software package that is capabale of recording and displaying live video and stills form the camera alongwith the GPS coordintaes of the inspection site.

Project based camera, may be subject to MOQ.

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  • Operates seamlessly with live high voltage wires (29kV AC+)
  • High resolution 8MP stills & high quality video
  • Automated wire measurement software with 0.1mm accuracy
  • Rugged IP68 wireless camera design
  • Up to 5hrs camera battery life
  • 100m wireless range
  • Rugged outdoor laptop PC base station


  • Live high voltage wire inspection
  • Measurement & analysis


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