Rail Overhead Line Equipment Inspection System

Wireless High Voltage Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) Inspection System – 0561-6000

The Imenco 0561-6000 wireless OLE pole-mounted inspection camera system features a high-resolution 64 Mega pixel stills/video colour sensor with close-up lens for accurate measurement and analysis, with a long 30m range wireless RF transmission link to the base station. The camera head features auto and manual focus, digital zoom and scaling/steady arms to ensure effective imaging regardless of the conditions. The ultra-high-resolution camera provides the maximum detail with minimal adjustment, increasing survey efficiency.

This Mk II version sees the previously externally mounted lighting unit replaced with an integrated LED illumination system. When in use the internal LEDs provide ample light for view finding and during stills capture it provides a burst of bright light to enhance the quality of the still image.

The 0561-6000 camera head has been designed and qualified to operate safely and seamlessly with live high voltage wires (29kV AC as standard, or higher if required) and connects to a client supplied fibre glass “Hot stick” pole (10m max) with optional angled knuckle adapter.

The rugged base station is a tablet control and display unit, with user friendly camera control interface and an accurate measurement software package that is capable of displaying live video and stills from the camera and the GPS coordinates of the inspection site.

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  • Operates seamlessly with live high voltage wires (29kV AC+)
  • Rugged IP68 rated camera design
  • Automated wire measurement software with 0.1mm accuracy
  • High resolution 64MP stills & high quality video
  • Up to 9hrs camera charge & 30m wireless range
  • Rugged outdoor tablet PC base station


  • Live high voltage wire inspection
  • Measurement & Analysis



Lars Sande

Marine & Naval CCTV Sales Manager

Shannon Giagnorio Director of Business Development - Americas

Shannon Giagnorio

Director of Business Development - Americas

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Paul Chenevert

Technical Manager - Americas


Kristian Mayon

Vice President - Americas


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Camera Sales Manager – Marine and Naval Projects

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David Fleming

Marine & Naval Projects Group Manager - Camera Systems Imenco UK Ltd


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Sales Support Engineer Marine & Naval Projects Group

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