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The Imenco 0414-6002 range of ruggedized high resolution monochrome or colour CCTV cameras are a proven design used for heavy duty industry and harsh environment applications.

Low cost manufacturing techniques and rugged design means the Imenco 0414-6002 provides a camera system that offers an excellent compromise between initial cost and survivability.

Designed with special attention to it reliability in the harshest working environment, the camera is extremely robust and shock/vibration resistant. The sapphire window assembly incorporates a special cushion to improve impact absorption where flying debris is expected. A thermostatically controlled heater ensures clear images in all conditions.

Easy to install and maintain, the Imenco 04141-6002 camera can greatly increase safety in the area around a working vehicle, or machine, by providing the operator with a live view of the blind spots. One or more cameras can be used to provide a view of a critical portion of the machine to assist in rapidly detecting faults such as broken tools and adapters, thus reducing production downtime and significant repair costs.

Project based camera, may be subject to MOQ.

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  • Highly shock & vibration resistant
  • Heated sapphire window
  • Proven in harsh mining enviornments
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Extremely robust design
  • Flush port or semi-recessed version


  • Mining vehicles / machinery
  • Heavy duty industry
  • Harsh / extreme environments


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