SeaLED- Subsea Lighting System

High current LED system


High CRI of 92

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The SeaLED – Subsea Lighting System is a high current LED system, it has automatic and user-controlled dimming functionality provided by the SeaLED Hub and has been designed to work with up to six SeaLED Capsules.
The LED Light Hub has various control interfaces and features which enables very basic control of the system to full control of each LED Light pair.

Total light output is 60000Lumens with CRI as high as 92.

The Imenco SeaLED System – Subsea LED Light Capsule is a very high output multipurpose light unit for ROV’s, tools and inspection points. The unit is powered from, and controlled by, the Imenco SeaLED System – Subsea LED Light Hub, which can be controlled by Ethernet, RS232/RS485 or external PWM.

The Imenco SeaLED System – Subsea LED Light Hub is the central power and control unit in Imenco’s Distributed Subsea Lights System.
The connected addressable Imenco SeaLED System – Subsea LED Light Capsules can be controlled by Ethernet, RS232/RS485, trigger voltage or external PWM signal. The unit can be programmed to strobe function. Full API documentation available for complete integration.

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Light output (Lumens) > 10.000
Light CRI typ. 92
Light temperature 5,000 Kelvin
Light fan angle 95°
Front port Acrylic
Overheating protection Yes
Housing Hiduron
Depth rating 6,000 msw
Standard connector MCBH6M
Mass in water 0.3 Kg


Dimensions ex con. Ø 79 / 74 x 238 (mm)   3.1 / 2.9 x 9.3 (in)
Max connected LED capsules 6 (dimming in pairs)
Max light output 60.000 Lumen
Control formats Ethernet, RS232/RS485, PWM, Trigger
Control methods WEB-interface, GUI app, Serial Commander
Trigger input +5VDC
Strobe 0,5 Hz to 25
Overheating protection Yes
Housing Titanium
Depth rating 6,000 msw
Standard input connectors SubConn DBH13M + BH6M
Standard output connector SubConn MCBH6F
Input voltage 24VDC
Mass in water 1,8 Kg


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