OE11-152 - SeaLED152 - 1.800 Lumen LED light

The SeaLED 152 is a compact and rugged underwater LED lamp, designed specifically for diver and ROV deployment applications.

The lamp is fitted with a high-density LED array, producing a broad and even beam of warm white light with a minimum measured illumination of 1000 Lux at 1 metre. The SeaLED152 is the perfect tool for the demanding requirements of underwater video tasks where accurate colour replication is essential.

The SeaLED 152 lamp has a dimmable feature and a wide (98°) beam angle. The SeaLED152 utilises a robust 6000msw titanium alloy housing.

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Technical Specifications

Lighting LED lamp
Total Luminous Output 1,700 Lumens (typical)
Illuminance @ 1 metre 1000 Lux (minimum)
Beam Angle 98° in water (half power points)

99° in air (half power points)

Colour Temperature 6500K (various colour temperatures available on request)
LED Life >50,000 hours if adequately cooled
Power Input 18 to 30 VDC, 24.5W nominal

(24 VDC – 24.5W, 1.02A)

Inrush Current 250mA
Dimming 0-10 VDC, PWM dimming
Dimensions Diameter: 46.2mm (at widest point),

Length: 140mm (excl. connector)

Weight In air: 0.42kg

In water: 0.25kg

Shipping Weight 0.7kg
Housing Material Titanium Alloy 6AL/4V to ASTM B 348 Grade 5

Optional connectors :-



Subcon MCBH3M connector (other connector options are available)

Pin 1: 0V

Pin 2: +18 to 36VDC

Pin3: 0-10V dimming control

Operating Depth 6000 msw
Temperature Operating: -5°C to 40°C (In Water)

Storage: -20°C to 60°C

Shock 30G peak acceleration, 25ms half sine duration, on all three axes
Vibration 10G, from 20 to 150HZ on all three axes
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility BS EN 61000-6-3 2007 Emission and BS EN 61000-6-1 2007 Immunity


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