OE11-201 - SeaLED 201 - 4.800 Lumen LED light


SeaLED 201 is a rugged, AC, LED lamp, designed as general-purpose lighting for ROV and manned submersible deployment applications.

The lamp is fitted with a high-intensity LED emitter, producing a broad (100°) and even beam of cool white light with a minimum measured illumination of 4800 lumens. With a 0-10V dimming feature, luminous output can be varied in intensity.

The SeaLED 201 utilises an extremely rugged titanium alloy housing depth rated for 6000msw operation. The SeaLED 201 is optionally available with a 2000msw aluminium alloy housing.

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Technical Specifications

Lighting General Purpose LED lamp
Total Luminous Output 4800 Lumens (typical)
Illuminance @ 1 metre 1760 Lux @ 1m
Beam Angle 100° in water (half power points)

100° in air (half power points)

Colour Temperature 5000K nominal
LED Life >50,000 hours if adequately cooled
Power Input 100 to 240 VAC, 45W
Dimming 0-10 VDC
Dimensions Diameter:  103.2mm

Length: 191.8mm (excl. connector)

Weight 6000msw Titanium 2000msw Aluminium
In Air: 3.8Kg

In water: 2.3Kg

In Air: 2.7Kg

In water: 1.2Kg

Shipping Weight 6.8Kg 4Kg
Housing Material Titanium alloy 6AL/4V ASTM B3 48 GRADE 5 Aluminium alloy, hard anodized, black
Connector Subconn MCBH4MTI connector (Dimming Control)
Connector Position Mounted on rear of housing
Operating Depth 6000msw or 2000msw (Aluminium)
Temperature Operating: -5°C to 40°C (In Water)

Storage: -20°C to 60°C

Shock 30G peak acceleration, 25ms half sine duration, on all three axes
Vibration 10G, from 20 to 150HZ on all three axes
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility BS EN 61000-6-3 2007 Emission and BS EN 61000-6-1 2007 Immunity


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