Exact feeding robot

Fully automatic and intelligent feeding.

30 years of operational experience and development in close collaboration with research communities and experienced fish farmers have resulted in this fully automatic feeding robot with state-of-the-art technology. 

The feeding system is easily installed in all land-based fish farms. 

Automatic feeding

The feeding robot feeds the entire plant quickly and efficiently by moving from tank to tank along a tubed track system suspended from the ceiling. This track system is easily customized to each individual plant. Once details about the biomass have been registered, the robot adjusts feed quantities automatically. The robot handles the feeding with high accuracy and precise positioning and can be refilled automatically between each feeding. Feed quantities are reported to the control system, which calculates growth and feeding based on preset feeding tables.

Efficient and labour-saving

The robot automates a lot of the manual labour required with individual feeding machines. In addition, it requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean, which means it frees up a lot of valuable time.

Gentle handling of the feed

The feed is protected from moisture, and the robot handles the feed gently, preventing crushing and reducing feed waste.


With RFID technology along the robot’s tracks for optimal positioning, the robot can handle several types of commands. It will automatically recognize whether it has a job to do or if it’s time to take a break. Typical commands include braking before corners and backing up. The Exact feeding robot automates the entire feeding process and frees up valuable time. Contact us to find the optimal solution for your plant.

More details

  • Automatic feeding of the entire plant
  • Compatible with both dry and live feed
  • Up to 4 feed types/hoppers
  • Feed size from 0.07 mm to 9 mm pellets
  • Highly accurate positioning system
  • Dosing adjustment down to 0.2 grams
  • Individual feeding in each tank
  • Feed distribution: Choose between spot or dispersion feeding
  • Automatic refill (optional)
  • Battery operation and automatic charging
  • Two-step dosing system prevents feed blockages
  • Flexible software
  • Low height
  • Simple installation


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