ALLSS Master Control Unit 19″ Rack


The Imenco 0457-6008 ALLSS Master Control Unit (MCU) 19″ Rack is found at the heart of US Navy proven Imenco Amphib Low Light Surveillance System (ALLSS) and is typically loctaed at a central signal marshalling and distribution point aboard the ship.

Please see Product Datasheet for full specifications.

More details & product sheet


  • In-service navy proven
  • 64 in / 16 out / 2 quad view out
  • Advanced DVR
  • Wire rope isolator shock mounts
  • Fully qualified to US Mil-Spec


  • Naval surface ships
  • CCTV interface to ship entertainment system
  • Video switching & control
  • Digital recording & archiving


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Marine & Naval Projects Group Manager - Camera Systems Imenco UK Ltd


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