HOSS ALLSS PTZ Ultra Low Light Camera

The Imenco 0465-6002 HOSS ALLSS PTZ ultra low light camera makes up the core of the Imenco Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS) which has built an excellent reputation in providing the bridge with real time critical monitoring of the flight deck, even in very low light conditions, on board naval surface ships.

The Imenco 0465-6002 HOSS ALLSS PTZ ultra low light camera has also been extensively proven in US Navy service as part of the Amphib Low Light Surveillance System (ALLSS).

As well as the standard analogue CVBS interface an advanced IP option is also available; the ONVIF compliant IP camera can easily be integrated into standard Ethernet network based CCTV systems.

For surface ship applications the Imenco 0465-6002 HOSS ALLSS PTZ ultra low light camera is typically installed above decks overlooking the heli-deck or flight deck.

Please see Product Datasheet for full specifications.

Various standard configurations of HOSS PTZ camera are available to suit several classes of naval ship. Please contact us for further information.

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  • In-service navy proven
  • Ultra low light performance
  • Unique Radar Cross Section Reduced (RCSR) profile
  • H.264 IP option – ONVIF compliant
  • Fully qualified to US Mil-Spec
  • Window Heater


  • Naval surface ships
  • Flight deck surveillance
  • Helicopter operations
  • Ampibious well deck monitoring


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