Imenco has invested heavily in developing our welding capacity and welding environment internally.

We are certified according to ISO 3834-2: 2006 and has IWE certified welding engineer. Our welders are ISO 9606 certified and we hold a variety of WPQ qualifications; according to ISO 15614, NORSOK M-101, NORSOK M-601 and DNVGL OS-C401. We perform construction welding and repair welding, as well as cladding.

We have two welding workshops; each covering 21 meters x 11 meters and with 5.5 meters ceiling height.

Workshop 1 is for stainless and “white” materials with port opening 3.2 meter width x 3.9 meter height and a traverse crane capacity 3 tons.

Workshop 2 is for structural steel fabrication with door opening 4.5 meters wide x 3.9 meters height and traverse crane capacity 6.3 tons.

20-ton forklift is available immediately if required.

In addition to this, the capacity is expanded if necessary, in cooperation with our partners.


Construction & repair welding


Helge Kydland

Get in touch with us or email us at imenco.hydraulics@imenco.com

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