Tank level gauge kit

Tank level gauge kit includes:

  • 1 pcs extreme environment tank level gauge
  • 1 pcs gasket for level gauge
  • 1 pcs internal tank guide

We have level gauge kits for all transportable tanks that are delivered with provision for tank level gauge.

3000L gauge on stock, gauge for other volumes on request.

Direct reading tank contents gauges are designed for mounting directly onto the side of a tank to provide a continuous reading of product contents. Each gauge incorporates a magnetic coupling through the gauge body from the wet side to the pointer, which eliminates the possibility of fluid leakage into the gauge dial chamber. The dial chamber is completely sealed and is supplied with a dry nitrogen purge to prevent condensation or ice formation under low operational temperatures.

Wetted parts are all 316 stainless steel and PTFE providing good resistance to chemical corrosion. Standard gauges are designed for use with product densities above 0.75 kg/l.



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