Pressure Vacuum Releif Valve

Aviation Spare Parts (11)

2½” BSP Super Maxi Relief Valve with optional Manual Vent
Button or without.

2½” BSP male connection with 65mm nominal
bore. Suitable for a pressure range of between 2 – 75 PSI
(0.14 – 5.17 Bar) and a vacuum range of between 0 –
24”Hg (0 – 0.81 Bar). Contact parts manufactured in 316
stainless steel. Fitted with Fortyt seals as standard.
Complete with rubber/PTFE tank seal.

Weight 2.98 Kg *Varies
Temperature Range Dependant upon seal material.

Design Approval by Lloyds Register of Shipping.


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Rune Bringedal

VP - Oil & Gas - Marine & Naval


Jan Erik Hustvedt

Aftermarket Manager Aviation

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Øyvind Hallingstad

Aftersale Aviation


Kristian Mayon

Manager US Office


Canet Cher

Area Manager - Asia Pacific

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