SmartDive Monitoring System

Imenco AS SmartDive Monitoring System replaces our older version of Modive

Imenco AS SmartDive Monitoring System replaces our older version of Modive. The system is a PLC based system with high flexibility and can be customized to client specifications if needed.

The system documents and monitors your diving operations. The SmartDive Monitoring System is specifically designed for air diving but can also be customized for SAT diving operations as well. The Monitoring System also features our new Blackbox technology that allows the user to store date for all diving operations from registration of divers throughout the dive and if required, into the chamber. The system will follow the diver through the dive and into the chamber. Communication and video coupled together with depth and temperature data can be recorded live and stored for future review and documentation.

The Monitoring System can handle input/data from up to 1,000 sensors. Basic monitoring sensors include audio & video, breathing gas quality, on-board gas storage pressure, bailout bottle pressure, diver depth and hot water temperature.

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