Saturation Control Rooms

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Imenco AS Produce custom made saturation control rooms in both traditional and fully automatic layouts, as well as standard DDC/TUP/SPHL manual control gas panels.

Previously delivered saturation control rooms to DSV vessels like, Skandi Patagonia, Bibby Topaz, Mermaid Endurer, Kelly Ann Candies and Wyatt Candies, Seven Falcon are DNV class.

Imenco build control rooms in compliance with the highest standards and regulations, as well as of the best quality using the best components available and the workmanship.

Our pipe fitters are trained and certified in pipe/tubing installation (swage, Parker Triple-Lok® and others.)

Imenco AS are able to design and manufacture the control rooms, which can be either integrated with diving vessel or to be a mobile system.

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VP - Oil & Gas - Marine & Naval


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Manager US Office

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