Near Area Active Leakage (NAAL) System

The Imenco Metas Near Area Active Leakage (NAAL) System is used to monitor know areas of leakage in high resolution. The system utilizes multiple acoustic transducers to accurately measure the leakage rate, frequency and distribution for any change which could indicate an increasing risk of loss of containment.

NAAL can be supplied as a standalone system or as an additional component on the WAAM System. Depending on the monitoring need, a specific transducer package will be selected to ensure maximum performance in that application. NAAL Systems can be supplied with additional capability, such as low light video cameras and light sources where visual observations are of interest.

More details

Same specifications as for main sonar head used for long range.

The only difference is beam with:

18 degrees compare to 9 degrees on Long range.


Size: ( l x w x h) 589 x 404 x 230 mm

Weight on land:49,7 kg


Transducer spec

  • Nominal frequency: 70 kHz
  • Frequency range: 55 to 90 kHz


The following specifications are valid for the nominal frequency

  • Beamwidth: 18 degrees
  • Figure of merit: –12 dB
  • Max. source level: 216 dB
  • Transmit sensitivity (Su): 178 dB
  • Receive sensitivity (Mt): –190 dB
  • Sidelobelevel: –18 dB
  • Back radiation level: –30 dB
  • Impedance (each sector): 60 Ω



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Shannon Giagnorio

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