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A leading exploration and production company purchased four complete Imenco Nautronix Acoustic Subsea Emergency Blow Out Preventer (NASeBOP) / RS925 systems in 2013 for their new fleet of drillships. These systems provide both an acoustic reference sensor for the DP system and an acoustic control for their twin BOP controls.

Because the NASeBOP is a safety critical system, the client identified key personnel on their drillships that operate and maintain the systems to attend a Nautronix Certified Training course to meet their internal training requirements.


Nautronix trained 29 subsea personnel with the NASeBOP System Operator & Maintenance Course over a six week period so that their subsea support teams would have a thorough understanding of acoustics basics and the NASeBOP system’s operation.

The course covered the principles of acoustic BOP control systems, setup and operation of the NASeBOP system, system configuration through Graphical User Interface (GUI), Testing using Acoustic Valve Pack (AVP) solenoid simulator & dual o-ring test system, subsea control unit configuration and system test and maintenance. The class concluded with theoretical challenges that provided each attendee an opportunity to experience real time scenarios they may face in the field.


The 2 day course was held at a Nautronix facility in Houston. The feedback from participants was very positive and well received. Overall course assessment was rated as excellent, and the majority said it was valuable to attend and that others in their company would also benefit.

As a measure of the success of the training course there has been no requirement to mobilise Nautronix Field Service Technicians to any of the client’s NASeBOP equipped vessels since course completion.

More details


  • Offshore support teams
  • Full product training available at our new state of the art training facility in Aberdeen or Houston
  • Onsite customer training available globally if required
  • NASeBOP Overview on System and Components
  • NASeBOP Hardware Exercises using the training system
  • NASeBOP GUI Exercises using the training laptops/touchscreens
  • NASeBOP Subsea Control Unit (SCU) ID Configuration Exercise
  • NASeBOP Pressure Test Exercise
  • NASeBOP System Challenges


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