Installation Table For Tunnel Fan

The Installation table is developed in close cooperation with Systemair which is a supplier of tunnel fans. Until now the installation of fan tunnels has been performed by use of a pile of pallets and a lot of rigging and low level of fine adjustment. By this cooperation we have achieved to design a robust Installation table with high emphasize on safety. In addition it simplifies and increases the efficiency for both installation and removal.

The Installation table has been used on several projects in Norway with good response from users.

The table has been developed in cooperation with Systemair.

Photo: ​Systemair

More details

Easy and safe adjustment in all directions.
Low force needed for adjustment by use of manual turn buckle and standard hand tools.
Can be used with the fan’s original transport brackets or by use of multi range V-cradle.
Interface for straps for securing fan during installation.
Truck pockets in both direction with lock function.
Adaptable for all fan sizes.
LxWxH – 1400x1400x1005 (1525 including multi range V-craddle)
Weight – 208kg
Steel frame coating – Hot Dip Galv + Top Coat



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