BOP Inspection System

Imenco On Deck BOP (Blow Out Preventer) HDIP Inspection System – 0553-6000

The Imenco 0553-6000 BOP HDIP Inspection System consists of a Surface Control Unit (0553-6010), Cable Assembly (0553-6003) and Running Tool with PTZ Camera (0553-6030). This High-Definition portable CCTV system has been designed for routine inspection of BOP valve stacks, whilst the BOP is on the surface & prior to drilling operations, or during repair and
maintenance periods.

The Galvanised steel running tool with centralising fins and protective guard is lowered through the BOPs Wellbore (via an external lifting wire), whilst the rugged Imenco NJORD External Compact DNV PTZ Camera with Illuminators allows for a High-Definition visual inspection of the ram seals,
annular seals, ram block and to inspect the general condition of the bore and side outlets.

The NJORD External Compact Marine PTZ Camera with Illuminators is manufactured with a 316 Stainless Steel housing and polycarbonate window, making it suitable for operation in the harshest of marine environments. The camera utilises a 3MP CMOS sensor with a 30:1 optical zoom range and LED illuminators, making it ideally suited to highdefinition
close-up inspection tasks.

A non-load bearing control cable of up to 100 metres in length can be supplied for connecting the camera to the HDIP Surface Control Unit.

The rugged HDIP Portable Surface Control Unit has been designed for use in industrial environments where dirt & dust, grease and splashing water may be present. Integrated into a Storm series Peli-case, this portable & rugged surface control unit features an integrated 15.6” touch screen monitor and two-axis joystick allowing for control of camera functions
including pan and tilt control, display, local recording to HDD, and export of live video via Ethernet or USB.

The rugged HDIP Portable Surface Control Unit utilises a Windows based operating system which facilitates comprehensive control of the preconfigured Video Management Software.

The system includes a robust titanium high resolution Imenco OE14-212 Zoom, Rotate and Tilt (ZRAT) camera fitted with internal directional LED lighting, mounted inside a specially designed steel centralising running frame and a rugged Portable Surface Control Unit for controlling the camera and viewing/recording the images.

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  • 3MP Camera
  • 30x optical / 16x digital zoom
  • Integrated GUI Control Solution
  • Compact Peli-Case
  • Stainless Steel Camera Housing
  • DNV Marine Type Approved
  • Rugged Deployment Frame


  • BOP inspection
  • Oil & Gas platforms
  • Offshore installations



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