Foam / Deluge Unit

All systems are delivered with a test valve and necessary instrumentation

Imenco’ s Foam / Deluge Unit is typically designed for 1-3% AFFF foam. There are different solutions pending on main fire water system design. Normally our system will be delivered with a pressure control valve so inlet pressure can variety and we can still keep the design pressure downstream our deluge valve.

The Foam / Deluge Unit is skid based on a stainless steel frame with drip tray and an enclosure with roller shutter door for easy access and maintenance purposes. All systems are delivered with a test valve and necessary instrumentation. Foam tank capacity is pending on the area to be covered.

Typical materials are Cu-Ni and Titanium for piping. Deluge lines are produced in all material qualities and sizes. We provide a complete deluge line coverage drawing together with calculations for pressure balancing, drop and flow requirements on the piping arrangement.

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