Filter Monitors

CAP437: Fuel Monitor

Aviation Faudi Filter Monitors Vessels.

They are simple compact units which can be easily installed and serviced. They are developed in particular for mobile fuelling installations. Monitor elements fulfil several functions which provide an important contribution to aircraft safety. They absorb free and emulsified water and remove ultrafine solid particles and interrupt the flow in case of a water slug. It is thus ensured, that the airplanes are only refuelled with clean and dry fuel.

A fuel monitor should be fitted with an automatic air eliminator and be sized to suit the discharge rate and pressure of the delivery system. The elements should be EI 1583 approved and be designed to absorb any water still present in the fuel and to cut off the flow of fuel if the amount of water in the fuel exceeds an acceptable limit compromising fuel quality. The monitor is described as an Aviation Fuel Filter Monitors with absorbent type elements.

A differential pressure gauge with calibrated reading should be fitted in order to provide a means of monitoring element condition during operation. Filter units should be fitted with a sample line at the lowest point of the vessel to enable contaminants to be drained from the unit. The sample line should terminate with a ball valve and have a captive dust cap. Sample lines on filter units should be a minimum 13 mm (½”) nominal bore but, in general, the larger the diameter of the sample line, the better.

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