Delivery of special cylinder for offshore use

We were contacted by a customer who was looking for a type of hydraulic cylinder that had not been made before. They were aware of our expertise in developing and manufacturing large custom hydraulic cylinders for use in demanding conditions.

We, together with the customer, have designed and produced a special cylinder to be operated in a ‘pig launcher’ offshore. The hydraulic fluid used to operate the cylinder is seawater.

The delivery from us consists of a special 4 stage hydraulic cylinder in super duplex material. It is equipped with its own rollers for centered pipe operation. We have also supplied the ROV interface panel and valves.

The cylinder is stored in a separate skid for transport and storage.

We are always happy to be involved in this type of project, as we then can use our broad expertise to bring new good products and solutions to the market.

The solution has now been tested and everything is ready for it to be put into offshore operation.

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