HSE Policy

HSE is of highest priority in Imenco. The objective to avoid incidents always has first priority in all our activities; regardless of place, time or productivity requirement.

Imenco operates with an integrated management of health, safety, environment, security and quality. Our HSE system is based on involvement and commitment of all staff and implemented and maintained through all levels of the organization.

Management are actively engaged in the Working Environment Committee, and together with Safety inspectors and employees representatives adapt for a good and safe working environment, both physical and psychosocial.

Regular inspections, reporting and periodic surveys are applied to minimize the number of situations that may be harmful to life, health, environment or property. Risk Management and continuous improvement enables us to work preventive to secure personnel, equipment and the environment.

All employees must display and exercise caution in their work, and employees’ knowledge, awareness and attitudes regarding HSE will be ensured through proper training and high motivation.

Development of products shall be in accordance with internal HSE values, the relevant directives, and relevant laws and regulations.

Our suppliers are also encouraged to adhere to HSE values based on high standards and target-oriented management. Procurement of goods and services shall be ensured on the basis of our ethical values and HSE standards, and the company is to be a contributor to sustainable development of society and the global ecosystem.