We work in accordance with high ethical standards and principles for social responsibility and corporate governance. Imenco promotes good health and a safe working environment in compliance with national and international standards.

We are dedicated to be involved in the development of society and protection of the environment, and we make demands both internally and for suppliers with regard to the values and standards of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.
Imenco will cooperate with suppliers to meet the expectations of our customers and to ensure quality, value and punctuality through the supply chain.

We reject discrimination and always do our best to promote equality, ensure equal opportunities and rights, and to prevent discrimination based on ethnicity, national origin and ancestry, colour of skin, language, religion and belief. We work actively to promote the objective of the Anti-Discrimination Act in our business, in areas such as recruitment, salary and working conditions, promotion, development opportunities and protection against harassment.

We provide services and products in line with society’s ethical principles and meet relevant standards, laws and regulations that are required by legislation and customer requirements.

Imenco has established ethical guidelines applicable to board members, employees and contractors, as well as ethical guidelines for suppliers and subcontractors.