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SmartDive Monitoring System

The SmartDive Monitoring System can handle input/data from up to 1,000 sensors. Basic monitoring sensors include: audio & video, breathing gas quality, on-board gas storage pressure, bailout bottle pressure, diver depth and hot water temperature. Read more »

27th June 2018

4K Fish Health Camera

Imenco has now developed a new IP based 4K Ultra High resolution Fish Health camera. The 4K Fish Health camera can be installed as a standalone unit or added as a modular section to our popular Gemini PTZ Feeding & Inspection Camera System. Read more »

25th June 2018

Gosia Shark

The Gosia Shark is a Down-Hole camera designed for high quality internal pipe inspection. Read more »

6th June 2018


The Imenco ICON Mux makes use of one spare fibre in the existing ROV mux / umbilical for transmission of Full HD IP video and serial signals for control of LED lights, Lasers or Pan & Tilt Units. Read more »

29th May 2018

SubVIS Ross

The Imenco SubVIS Ross Ultra Low Light IP Subsea SmartCamera offers exceptionally high image quality in Ultra-Low Light conditions, low latency IP video streaming, standard 6000m Titanium housing, Wide Angle dome front port with 105° diagonal / 92° horizontal viewing angles and internal 9-Axis MEMS IMU Sensor. Read more »

29th May 2018

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Imenco IP Camera Range

Imenco are now launching a complete range of subsea IP cameras. For the first-time live subsea video can be transmitted via Ethernet without significant latency. Read more »

Breakthrough orders for Imenco in offshore wind power market

Imenco AS has this year secured orders for deliveries in corrosion protection to offshore wind power through deliveries to two major offshore wind farms in Great Britain and Germany. The last parts are these days being shipped out from Imencos production facilities in Tysvaer, Norway. Read more »