Total Marine Technology-Imenco strategic OEM Relationship and Collaboration in Australia

In the other hand, Imenco AS was established in 1979 as an engineering company. Today, Imenco is a major EPC-contractor to offshore energy and maritime industries that design, develop and manufacture systems and products such as helicopter fuel systems, diving systems, ex-cameras, lifting and handling products, subsea cameras, lights and lasers.

Imenco engineering team is specialized in the area of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics engineering and it provides services for some of the world’s leading oil and drilling companies. Imenco range of ROV related products has grown tremendously and received great interest from market. In response to worldwide demand, Imenco is establishing relationships with local reputable companies to serve our customers better by having local knowledgable support.

“Today Aspiration met Ambitious Link on its way to success. We are pleased to have Total Marine Technology- the biggest ROV manufacturer in Australia as partner and friend. Mr. Colley the CEO of TMT, and I have discussed our companies’ set of values, compelling mission, strategic global collaboration, team commitment to win-win long term relationship, open communication, clarification of expectations, opportunity cost, competitive advantage and importance of collaborative forces that result in successful alliance. Mr. Colley and his team way of thinking are aligned parallel to Imenco “One Team” mentality. Sales is contingent to attitude of sales-force to help customer to make well informed decision. I am confident that together we can grow and reach more opportunities effectively. Our combined experiences and expertise can create prolific impact that will add value to our customer’s bottom line. That’s what I call “customer centric triple win approach” where customer wins first.” Says, Al Cohen-VP of Corporate & Business Development