Solid team work to secure delivery of hydraulic cylinders

We have recently delivered a pair of main boom Imenco Bauer hydraulic cylinders to a customer who should have them loaded and fitted as their vessel arrived in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain.

The cylinders are large ship crane cylinders with a diameter of Ø520mm and Ø550mm and a stroke length of 4315mm and 5565mm. Rod coated with 300my HVOF. Designed and produced on the customers’ special specifications.

In the process of making the cylinders one of our suppliers had a machinery breakdown on a vital machine that led to a delay in their scheduled delivery to our assembly facility in Grinde, Norway. This set the project back substantially and it looked like reaching the finish line before the departure of the vessel could be a challenge.

Our production team said challenge accepted and set to work on speeding things up, while they kept safety and quality at our expected high level. Through good planning and team management, great support from suppliers and overtime work in our production line we managed to get the cylinders finished within the extended time frame.

This left just one obstacle and that was getting the cylinders transported all the way to Las Palmas with few days left until the arrival of the vessel. Clever minds at our freight forwarder and extra effort from them and our shipping department resulted in the cylinders being quickly loaded on a truck and then the same truck drove the total distance from Norway to Las Palmas (including ferries) and the cylinders were delivered in prime quality and in time for our customer to load them on to the vessel.

We would like to thank Solstein, Multi Vedlikehold, Nordic Crane and Kuhne&Nagel for the extra effort in helping us getting this delivery done.

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