OE10-107 Medium Duty Rotator Unit

Imenco OE10-107 Medium Duty Rotator Unit

Imenco’s OE10-107 medium-duty rotator unit offers exceptional torque and accurate positioning performance, packaged within an extremely rugged housing. This all-electric rotator has been designed for positioning of cameras, lights, mechanical scanning sonar and tooling in subsea applications. The OE10-107s compact dimensions make it ideally suited for use on tooling and survey skids, observation class ROVs and larger work class ROV systems.

Unlike traditional rotary actuators, the OE10-107 requires a 24 VDC power supply, freeing up ports on the ROV’s hydraulic valve pack for mission-critical tooling. The OE10-107 features enhanced motor driver circuity allowing direction change commands to be implemented every 0.5 seconds. Innovative harmonic drive gearing and a 9-bit digital encoder provide exceptional output torque (30 Nm @ 24 VDC).

With a position feedback accuracy of (±2°) and minimal mechanical backlash (±0.08°), the operator always knows the orientation of the attached sensor, reducing the risk of cable damage and sensor failure.

The OE10-107 utilizes built-in testing technology to monitor a variety of system parameters, increasing product reliability whilst decreasing repair cycle times, therefore decreasing through-life costs.

A new and intuitive graphical user interface is supplied with the OE10-107 free of charge, giving full rotator control, use of ‘Goto’ functions, variable output speed and user-defined end stops. The unit is available in two control configurations, either RS232 or RS485 (half-duplex) serial digital link.

The internal electronic assembly is protected within a compact and ruggedized oil-filled housing, manufactured from 316L stainless steel and incorporating a bladder style pressure compensator for reliable deep-water operation to 6000msw.

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