Imenco NC-50 Lifting SUB


Imenco has developed and supplied dedicated 100Te WLL NC-50 Lifting Sub (NC-50 Lifting Adaptor/ Deployment Pup piece) for mounting on top of X-mas Tree Running Tool or other equipment. This unit connects the Running Tool to the lifting line for subsea installation and retrieval operations.

The sub has a cylindrical (box) area of sufficient length to enable make up and break out of the threaded connection using normal drill pipe rig tongs.

The unit has been subject to DNVGL design verification approval and has obtained Product Certification according to the DNVGL-OS-101 Drilling Facilities standard (Cat.1 equipment).  It is delivered certified and tested inclusive full documentation.

The Lifting Sub (NC-50 Lifting Adaptor / Deployment Pup piece / NC-50 X-over / XO Sub / Lifting Plug) can also be supplied with other lifting load capacities and drill thread interfaces as required by client.



Kristian Mayon

Manager US Office

Aberdeen Michael Noble

Michael Noble

Sales Manager UK - Subsea Mechanical

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