Hydraulics Sales Contacts

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with or to get a quotation. Send an email to imenco.hydraulics@imenco.com or find personal contact info below.


Alf Gunnar

Alf Gunnar Helgesen

Sales Manager Hydraulic Motors

Grethe Ferkingstad Larsen

Grethe Ferkingstad Larsen

Hydraulics Aftersales

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Juan Cabrera

Hydraulics Service Coordinator

Hans Gunnar Hansen Imenco

Hans Gunnar Hansen – Sales Manager Camera systems

Areas of responsibility: Sale Camera systems / Sensors

Anders Bastholm

Anders M. Bastholm

Vice President – Imenco Aqua

Jonny Sanne

Jonny Sanne

Sales Manager Hydraulic


Commercial UK

Sales Contact


Louis Cruickshank

Sales Manager UK


Shannon Giagnorio

Director of Business Development - Americas

Get in touch with us or email us at imenco.hydraulics@imenco.com