New Subsea Electronics dealer in Holland

Imenco, world leading subsea camera manufacturer, are delighted to announce that they have appointed Seatec Subsea Systems BV as their dealer in Holland.

Seatec Subsea Systems BV will represent Imenco in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Seatec Subsea Systems BV will be responsible for selling all of Imenco’s world class Subsea Electronics including Subsea cameras, lights and lasers.

Imenco UK Global Sales Manager Mark Esslemont comments; “Imenco has been looking for a suitably experienced dealer to represent our product range in the Benelux countries. The appointment of Seatec Subsea Systems BV gives us a camera sales organization with a good reputation and a well-maintained customer base. We are looking forward to working together, as the world situation finds a new normal”

Seatec Subsea Systems BV Managing Director Edwin Smits said, “To have the Imenco Subsea Electronics range into our own product range will make us able to deliver world leading image quality to our customers. Our focus on quality and innovation is shared between the companies and makes the perfect foundation for an evolving collaboration.”

Contact us to learn more about the collaboration:



Mark Esslemont
Global Sales Manager
+44 01224 226521


Seatec Subsea Systems BV:

Edwin Smits
Managing Director
+31 111 456 100