New Marine CCTV system dealer in Spain & Portugal

Imenco, world leading Visual Surveillance System manufacturer, is delighted to announce that they have appointed Norispan as their exclusive dealer in Spain & Portugal.

Norispan will be responsible for selling all of Imenco’s world class Marine CCTV and Naval Visual Surveillance Systems in the covered area.

Imenco UK Marine & Naval Projects Group Manager David Fleming comments; “We have been looking for an experienced dealer in Spain & Portugal for some time and we are delighted that we have found someone with the same understanding of high quality systems and very good connections into the countries Maritime & Naval Industry.”

Norispan’s General Manager Francisco Suárez Gallego said, “Getting the Imenco Marine & Naval CCTV range into our product portfolio will give us an edge when dealing with customers who are looking for high quality CCTV surveillance. We are looking forward to working closely together with Imenco and think that our combined effort will give us a lot of new opportunities.”

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