NASNet® DPR Dynamic Positioning Reference System

Likened to an underwater GPS system, Imenco’s NASNet® is the ideal subsea positioning and navigational solution. As a broadcast only system, its reliable positioning provides reduced vessel times for high-quality data updates throughout the water column to the sea floor, regardless of working depths.

  • Accurate range measurements between the calibrated NASNet® array and passive receivers on tracked objects
  • NASNet® overcomes the limitations of conventional LBL systems
  • Long range and high integrity communications using acoustic digital spread spectrum (ADS2) signaling
  • Integrates with inertial navigation system (INS)
  • Supports all operational requirements including dynamic position reference (DPR), remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and structure positioning
  • Simple system installation including optional single lift and deployment capability
  • Simultaneously position unlimited objects at fast update rates
    Reduces ongoing maintenance costsLink to video – NASNet® DPR Dynamic Positioning Reference System: HERE